Car Rental System WordPress

Car Rental System WordPress. We specialize in customization of the plugin Car Rental System (Native WordPress Plugin). It is a very intuitive and easy to use system, which we can use to rent all kinds of items. It is initially intended for vehicles, but, It can be used for other articles, as golf clubs, bicycles, sports equipment in general, etc.. Many times when these cases, It is necessary to modify the way it works to adapt it to the needs of each occasion. Here we are, to solve these adaptations. Even being a car hire company, You may want that something looks or worksin another way. We can make all kinds of changes, both aesthetic and functional. It is also possible to integrate other payment platforms, as Redsys, Authorize.NET, Cardlink, MercadoPago, Mollie, etc..

Car Rental System Wordpress

Possible customizations of your interest


  • Schedule by location

  • Creation of contracts

  • Sending of email by location

  • Integration of payment platforms

  • Location rates based on location of delivery and return

  • Ability to define extras according to selected item

  • Extras and Insurance Division